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Superior Auto Shine is the world’s leading automotive detailers and Paint Protection Film installers (PPF) with a state-of-the-art facility in Tacoma city in Washington state.

As one of the earliest established detailing companies, we have a piece of profound knowledge and understanding – through hands-on experience – of some of the world’s rarest and most valuable motor vehicles. We have used, at the very least sampled, almost every reputable detailing product and have extensive knowledge of the ingredients that formulate results.

Tesla Service

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Tesla Service

Our Tesla specific car detailing and paint protection services are the professional answer to removing paint defects and enhancing its appearance. Most importantly, your car will be well protected against harsh elements of the road and the ever-changing weather whilst being easier to keep clean.
Does your Tesla needs regular up keep? Please get in tuch and we would be happy to provide you a no obligation quote.


We use the correct methodology to ensure you receive the very best possible finish. You will be stunned at the difference paint correction can make. It can be the difference from a car looking tired and aged to as fresh as the day it rolled out the factory.


Superior Auto Shine offers a wide range of services for the restoration, preservation and ongoing care of your vehicles’ exterior and interior. We provide an expert detailing and paint correction service for exclusive vehicles.


At Superior Auto Spa, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, choice of technology and vast product knowledge but above all, our incomparable artistry. We are exceptionally insured, so your vehicle will always be in the safest hands.

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